XR to iPhone 13 Conversion… With MAGSAFE?

Turning an iPhone XR into a 13? Is it possible? Let’s find out.

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22 bình luận cho “XR to iPhone 13 Conversion… With MAGSAFE?

  1. Thank you guys for watching! If you want to try this yourself ( at your own risk) – here's the link to purchase: https://bit.ly/3l2zE0u

  2. If you add magnets to a non MagSafe iPhone, it will charge as shown in the video. Be aware that more heat ‘may be produced and you will get very slow charging. In my experience I got less than 5 watts with a Belkin MagSafe charger, apple magsafe charger and anker magsafe charger.

  3. Guru I got a iPhone se and it won’t charge and I got the charger last month so I don’t think it’s the charger I just need ur help

  4. Damn bro I fix phones for my friends and myself and that repair definitely was long 💀 good job tho 👍🏼 I did a full repair on my brother phone and took me 5 hours. It was successful too 😎

  5. Bruh the only reason I’m not upgrading my iPhone XS is because the camera bump is just far too big for comfort and the squared edges are uncomfortable to hold

  6. If you want to change the look of your phone just because of what others think you have, you’re just a sad individual. Sorry.

  7. Hey phone repair guru is there a site that I have to go to or something to send you a phone to fix because my iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t turn on and I was wondering if I could send it to you to fix? Please let me know, it broke on my trip down to Florida. Hopefully 🙏🏻 you can see my comment and tell me how I can send it to you. Thank you!

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