Vankyo Matrix Android Tv Box Review, cable is for suckers

My review of the $40.00 X95A Matrix Android TV box by Vankyo. It connects to the google play store among other things and allows your TV to run apps like your android tablet or phone. the more I tested it the more I realized it has pretty limitless applications.
Cut the cord and ditch cable
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This video was shot on my Lumix G7 using the 25mm 1.7, the sigma 19mm 2.8 and the kit lens 14-42
Gear I used to shoot this review.
Lumix G7 here on Amazon

Panasonic 25mm f1.7 lens

Link to my favorite camera gear at my Amazon Storefront.

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  1. Does anyone else have any problems putting in and taking out the batteries in the remote? It seems that the space is very tight to me

  2. Nice video, but the box itself is not a very good box. The generic android TV boxes are not a good reliable choice. Save your $ and get a firestick 4k if your on a budget. If you have the funds and are trying to cut the cord, go get a Mi Box. or Nvidia Shield if you want the best.
    I am a Technician in the cable field that has also been doing things with android tv for almost 5 years now. Look us up on Facebook..Aces Builds and Ace TV!
    Hope this helps

  3. It's an ok unit. I got it today to test out for my exercise room to replace a firetv. I already have an Nvidia Shield in the main room. The unit is fast and comes with a lot of utils. Gives full access to the play store and anything else you can find on filelinked and troypoint. It's pretty fast in the menu as well. My only issue with it is that the ethernet and wifi are not the strongest. I have an above 150 meg connection. On the Nvidia I get about 130-140 with a VPN on the ethernet. Without the VPN about 165. On the Vanko I get 70 without the VPN and about 45 with the VPN. Like most of these boxes…the ethernet and wifi are less to be desired. I'm just spoiled with the Nvidia.

  4. Very nice review! I have one of these and the only bad thing I can say about it, is that it is NOT dual band, it only runs off 2.4G band

  5. Hey Ray, do you mind sharing some of your favorite apps on the Android box? I have a Fire stick that was gifted to me a few years ago, but I never bothered to unlock its full potential, as you suggest in the video.

  6. Nice video Ray. I've been on the fence with these for years. These smart TVs seem to handle most features. You should show the app store and what different apps are like. Such as Gmail, Google photos Twitter and such.

    Also how has that washer you showed awhile back held up, maybe a long term update.

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