Using Drag and Drop On Your iPhone or iPad

Drag-and-drop on the iPhone is greatly improved in iOS 15. You can now drag images, files, text and other items between apps. To do this you’ll need to master use multiple fingers to drag at the same time as you switch apps.

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21 bình luận cho “Using Drag and Drop On Your iPhone or iPad

  1. OK, sometimes, IMHO, Apple comes up with truly silly stuff like this. I just tried moving a .jpg image from iCloud Drive Files into a text from my daughter, three times, and could not make it work.
    You can accomplish the same task twice as fast by doing a [copy] and [paste] of the image.

  2. One difference between the iOS/iPadOS approach to drag and drop and the Mac approach is that you can’t move things to the desktop as an intermediate step. There might be times on a Mac when you want to temporarily park a file on the desktop before you’re ready to copy it into a new app, for example.

  3. I see that I can Drop_Drag into a "New ical event", but how can I drop in to an existing Ical event that I may be sharing with other people? For example add a photo to a shared event?

  4. Very informative as usual. That being said I think you can do the same thing by copying anything (including multiple photos) and pasting them pretty much anywhere. This is less awkward than dragging to other apps or files.

  5. I feel like this feature didn't literally have to be "drag" and drop. Would've been easier to just have the item floating in the corner of the screen while you go to the other app.

  6. Personally, I find it a little awkward to use this multi-finger gesture. But thanks for the video anyway – I'm sure others will find it useful.

  7. GARY: Outstanding, SIMPLE Lessons to improve, advance usage of ios15! Your "facilitation style" – ( a training characteristic ) … 100% — THANK YOU!

  8. A very useful video tutorial today. I think it’s very cool. Thanks for showing us how! Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you, Gary! 👍🏻👏❤️

  9. I have this confidence in you Gary that I can hit like on your video even before watching it and i am sure i will be correct

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