upgrade firmware android tv box T95Z PLUS with TF card

upgrade firmware android tv box T95Z PLUS with TF card
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26 bình luận cho “upgrade firmware android tv box T95Z PLUS with TF card

  1. I have t95z plus it has flashing lights not booting with sd card only work through computer using usb burning tool remote work but no signal from tv any help will be appreciated it’s say 2/16 gb

  2. https://forum.xda-developers.com/android-stick–console-computers/amlogic/t95z-plus-poison-rom-t3751720

  3. Disappointed, bought my box new with birthday money. Believed that the box was ready to use, plug and play and that everything was included to be able to use the box same day.
    I put my apps on after setting up WiFi.
    From day 1, it keeps rebooting itself on/off after about half an hour of use.
    Yesterday I watched a movie on Netflix and It rebooted itself 8 times, so disappointed.
    No Tf card received in the box either, so if the problem was easy to fix, surely it should have been done in factory or with the instructions on the set up screen!

  4. Good evening, thank you very much for your efforts, but please, I want the help of two TVbox T95M I have tried several times the latest software, but I fail. Please explain the details and thanks in advance.

  5. She forgot to mention the card has to be formatted to FAT32 so if your card is larger than 32gb you will have to google how to format larger cards to FAT32 otherwise it will never load

  6. This is bogus ……you're only telling me all this but not telling me how to get the firmware. What is the use of this video in the first place if you can't show me how to get access to the firmware

  7. Thanks for the video, but I need the u-boot.bin.sd file that you are using there.. The one that I am using seems doesn't work.. the system can't start updating. It gives an error message

  8. Cordial saludos, como se soluciona el siguiente error que aparece en el siguiente links, ya que tengo problemas para solucionar el este problema. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ozf9Dx383g

  9. I can't hear you very well. Also why would I need to upgrade my new box. Maybe you should've done this while you manufactured them before sale?

  10. I just upgraded to 7.1.1 it came with build T5ZP1013, I need the new T5ZP1073 to complete the upgrade.

  11. Jacobo Jacobo, the file you referenced is not the same Cardmaker app she is using in the video. It did not work on the T95z Plus

  12. Here it's the link to download

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