32 bình luận cho “TX3 Mini A Android TV Box (Review)

  1. i like seeing older reviews on these, and see how much people r selling them for.. same price in 2020 2021.lol its old now, not worth 70.00 people are depseprate man. looking for suckers out there!

  2. Good little box on quality and price only thing is controller is crap so bought mini keyboard from eBay and works fantastic

  3. una consulta hermano es normal que la pantallita de hora en este tv box se apague despues de un tiempo

  4. Good News, TX3 mini is on sales, big discount!

  5. i have problem i get this box but i use av cable this new tx3 mini no picture on screen maybe it preset to HDMI so how i set it to av cable for my old TV need your help

  6. I have problem with him. They dont want to power on, it's new batterys in remote control but they dont want to start… Any one knows what is problem?

  7. Guys you can get this from https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/WESOPRO-IPTV-TX3-Mini-Android-7-1-Smart-TV-Box-4000-Europe-Sweden-Arabic-French-Italy/1525513_32897757306.html?spm=2114.12010610.8148356.37.1d8b2483HwBV2O

  8. this can play .MKV files either 720p or 1080p? I see that she has problems with this, I only see the people managing to run the extension .MP4 = /

  9. ONLY $29-$33 free shipping ON ALiexpress, click there to buy

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