These iPad Apps Are SO GREAT They're MIND BENDING!

iPad feeling stale? Need some cool new apps to explore? I’m back with some fun, useful, cool and (hopefully) new-to-you iPad apps that can help you get more out of your favorite tablet!

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App links:
Clover –
Command Browser –
Obsidian –
Neeva –
Jarvis – (get 10K free credits!)

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0:00 – Hey, it’s Chris!
1:02 – Clover: combined notes, todos, white boarding & daily planner
3:24 – Command Browser: the best Instapaper and Pocket alternative
5:51 – Obsidian: connect your thoughts; create a knowledge graph
8:21 – Neeva: a legit Google alternative for 100% real search results
10:50 – Jarvis: an app that writes effective copy for you

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  1. Paperlike:
    Jarvis – (get 10K free credits!)
    Clover –
    Command Browser –
    Obsidian –
    Neeva –

  2. Man the iPad is such a productivity juggernaut. I just bought one (my first ever Apple product) and it’s like I’ve discovered a whole new universe!

  3. Clover requires an account and a login, as it seems… this makes it quite useless. Probably, even the content is stored on remote servers? Such details are important, when reviewing an App, IMHO.

  4. Very cool stuff. I would move from a laptop to the iPad in a hear beat if page builders like Elementor were compatible.

  5. Neeva is awesome! However, my 2018 iPad Pro is not! I’m throwing it in a drawer and forgetting about it. My pencil died after only 1 year, my $300+ Apple keyboard seldom functions correctly and the iPad itself is slow as molasses even after a factory reset!!! I’m going back to my M1 MacBook Air and NEVER buying another iPad EVER!!!

  6. Is Clover nicer to use compared to goodnotes etc. (sync to Mac, printing etc?) ? I just bought an iPad Pro to study.

  7. Thank you so much for introducing Obsidian to me! It's so helpful to see what ideas like to others I've made note of!

  8. Finally, a video with iPad apps that genuinely inspire me. So tired of seeing videos with all of the apps for linear thinkers. I'm glad those exist, but I need apps that help me think outside of the box in non-linear ways and all of these look like serious bangers. Bravo, bravo! Thank you for putting this together, looking forward to exploring all of them!

  9. hey! i loved this video, subscribed x can you upload documents onto command ?? the journal function is so cool and convenient but a lot of my reading for essays is already from a reading list

  10. I'm TRYING OUT Obsidian but I don't know how to type black on white becasue it hurts my eyes to type white on black… any ideas? Thanks.

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