The Most Powerful Android Hand Held So Far! GPD XP First Look Is It Worth It?

The All-New GPD XP Is the Most Powerful Android Gaming Handheld Console So Far! Powered by the Mediatek Helio G95 8 Core CPU and backed by 6GB of LPDDR4X Ram the XP can defiantly hold its own as an Android handheld when it comes to Android gaming and emulation but should you buy one? Who is it for? Let’s find out.
In this video we unbox the GPD XP, Take a look at the specs, Run some benchmarks, Test some native android games like Genshin Impact, COD Mobile, and Asphalt 9! Plus we test out some of our favorite emulators like Mupen 64 Fz for N64, Redream for Dreamcast, PPSSPP for PSP, Citra for 3DS, and the Dolphin MMJR emulator for Gamecube.

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00:15 Unboxing
00:55-First Look
04:57-Android 11 Ui Overview
06:12-GPD XP Benchmarks
07:29-ANdroid Gaming Test
07:48-Call Of Duty Mobile
08:07-Genshin Impact
09:08-LaunchBox For Android GPD XP
09:52-N64 Emulation Test GPD XP
10:14-Dreamcast Emulation and D Pad Test GPD XP
11:07-PSP Emulation Test GPD XP
11:49-GPD XP Gamecube Emulation Test Dolphin MMJR
13:11-Final Thoughts

Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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25 bình luận cho “The Most Powerful Android Hand Held So Far! GPD XP First Look Is It Worth It?

  1. We should be able to
    1. Link to TV
    2. Have 2 or more systems linked for multi player games or
    3. Be able to link external controllers

  2. Wasn't there the steam deck and another one called the Odin that was just as powerful if not more powerful than the GPD-XP? The specs look like that of a high end phone on the GPD but I like that it has detachable controllers.

  3. sd780g would be better, or get a pocof3 + gamesir x2 type-c gamepad and you'll have a powerful android handheld

  4. What about Damon PS2. The least they can do is make a portabile PS2. I don't see any point to buy it to play games which can be normally played in midrange mobile, right? Just telescopic controllers are more practical option.

  5. I'd rather purchase a sub-350 Pocophone or Realme device and add a Gamesir, Ipega or any other telescopic controller. That'll still be better than what this crap is

  6. Jesus they're out of their minds for the price they're selling this for with the specs they're offering.

  7. Couldn't you just use an ipega 9167 or something like that with your standard android phone and a fancy games launcher?

  8. No, this thing is junk. Too expensive for what it is. And who adds a camera cut out on the main display of a device for gamers? This isn't a phone. They had no idea what they wanted with this thing.

  9. This thing is beautiful, unfortunately, from what I learned with my Nexdock touch, if I were to import something like this, I'd probably have to dish out an extra 30% of the price for the product.
    Customs is disgusting in UK. 🙁

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