The BEST iPad Accessories!!! 💎

⚡️check out my favourite screen protector, Paperlike:

heyy everybody! Welcome to today’s video all about my favourite iPad accessories and items that I recommend for students, creators, new iPad users or people who are just looking to upgrade their current setup! These are great for people with the iPad Pro, Air, mini, any iPad works!

When I first bought my iPad, I was quite unsure of which accessories to get, and I watched a bunch of different videos to see which ones, and I was still confused lol. So I compiled all the different iPad accessories out there into one short video for you to watch! I also mentioned a lot of iPad accessories, but of course, these are just suggestions to which ones you can check out!
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0:00 intro
0:23 iPad Pro →
0:30 apple pencil (2nd gen) →
0:45 apple pencil cases
→ long silicone case:
→ small grip:
→ pencil looking grip:
1:23 Logitech crayon →
1:51 Paperlike Screen Protector →
2:59 foldable case →
3:15 keyboard case (Logitech Slim Folio) →
3:32 Bluetooth keyboard (Anne Pro 2) →
3:44 wireless Bluetooth mouse (Logitech M720) →
3:54 USB adapter →
4:04 camera protector →
4:26 travel case →
4:37 charger travel case →
4:50 BONUS: iPad as an extra screen
→ MacBook Pro 16″:
→ Laptop stand:
5:10 outro

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35 bình luận cho “The BEST iPad Accessories!!! 💎

  1. “Reduces glare”

    Ive used the paperlike and honestly, it’s all glare😂,it’s impossible to watch anything outdoors, even in full brightness

  2. Как же заебали хуету какую то показывают и говорят лучшее

  3. why am i only seeing the bad reviews of paper like when i just bought it 😫 now idk what to do is it really that bad

  4. Heads up the paper like screen protector has a few downsides 1 it wears down ur tip just a little bit 2 it affects ur screen a lot display wise especially for the pros cause those have better screens so only get it if the main thing you do on your iPad is drawing or writing.

  5. uppercase dont ship to my country and i cant find any brands like that here lol .. i just need an apple pencil case

  6. Where do you get the iPad travel case? Because I’m going to travel in 2 weeks and I don’t want my Apple Pencil getting lost😅

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