The BEST Accessories for YOUR M1 iPad Pro!

The M1 iPad Pro looks like a fantastic content consumption and creation device. But what are some little extras you can get to make it even better?

Lets find out!

M1 iPad pro

Magic Keyboard

Omoton Keyboard

Logitech Pebble

iPad Stand

Native Union Bag

iPad Dongle

RavPower Charger

RavPower SSD

Anker Battery

Apple SD Dongle

Apple HDMI Dongle

LaCie External Hard Drive

Game Controller

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47 bình luận cho “The BEST Accessories for YOUR M1 iPad Pro!

  1. I swapped my 11" M1 iPad Pro + magic keyboard for the 12.9" versions and am thrilled with the performance. Typing on the bigger magic keyboard feels so much better to me. It makes the bigger iPad Pro an excellent laptop replacement.

  2. I can’t take anyone seriously that thinks that the magic keyboard is good. The trackpad sucks. The keys suck. The trackpad is slow and glitchy. The keyboard is heavy as hell. The keys make no clicks whatsoever. And anyone who tries to say its a case is a joke. The thing doesn’t protect your iPad whatsoever. And if you thing that protecting your $1,000 device with a $350 keyboard is a good idea, you’re an idiot. Not to mention if you drop your ipad, you’re likely to break them both. He also didn’t mention that if you wanna use the ipad as a tablet, you have to take it of the keyboard. Soooooooo you would be much better served just buying a stand and a keyboard. And you can get a much better case, stand, keyboard, mouse, and screen protector, for the same price you pay for apples joke of a keyboard. Side note, apple makes the worst keyboards I’ve ever touched. They have no click at all, they have no travel, they get sticky and stuck super easily, and they break and stop working easier than any other device I’ve ever used. And i have re-breakable karate boards. That really takes all credibility away from this Chanel.

  3. I want a functional keyboard that attaches via the smart connector that’s not the Logitech one because of the stand or the apple one because of the price

  4. Question: I bought the LaCie 2TB rugged mini for editing video on my M1 iPad Pro. I couldn't get it to communicate with my iPad or iPhone. When I called LaCie tech support, they bluntly said it is not for these devices — only laptops and desktops. How do you make the magic work?

  5. I managed to get the Magic Keyboard for $200 at Best Buy. Maybe y’all can check your local Best Buy for a sale.

  6. Hi I have a question for anyone. I just got the iPad Pro 12,9. Which i absolutely love. I also have the magic Keyboard (white is beautiful) but how do you Guys protect your screen and back when you dont have it attachéd to the magic keyboard ? 🥺

  7. Very unhappy with magic keyboard due to plastic peeling. I have not done anything to damage it yet two places are damaged. Very unhappy. Keyboard is ok. It also don’t protect the iPad. They need some blubber to protect the sides (which it don’t have)

  8. Dude, I love your channel. I am also a huge Apple Fan Boy. I just bought the 11" M1 iPad Pro today and these videos are a great help in finding kick butt accessories. Keep up the good work.

  9. hey, just wanted to let you know that it looks like ravpower has been removed from amazon, so you might want to update your links

  10. The best accessory for any iPad is a better OS that allows more than one App Store.

    allowing users more freedom to CHOOSE what Apps they want – Pro apps, AAA games, competitor's apps etc… that results in them having more control over their iPad.
    like actual computers such as Macs and Windows PCs. We can make the iPad physically look like a computer, but on the inside it is not a computer.

  11. Here’s a small hint: don’t have the microphone attached or placed atop the table, it pickups up a low resonance from the wooden table. 🤠😉

  12. what about a way to place your iPad Pro 12.9 above your Macbook Air for a dual + ergonomic portable desk setup where-ever you go?

  13. All those accessories…
    And me waiting for her iPad Pro finally be sent by apple and only bought a Bluetooth keyboard with light, apple pencil, tempered glass protector and case hahaha for using for notes, reading colourful books or drawing.

    I shall try games, maybe I might it them, and the. A controller could be nice (but my gamer side died so much at university).
    The accessory for ports would be useful, but for some reason I still prefer my laptop for working, I don’t know but I don’t feel iPad as replacement for laptop no matter how good it’s processor or ram is; I might just prefer the robust a computer offers while an iPad is more for entertainment and some creative work (for me).

    Then again my iPad is an iPad 2 mini, so this is a great improvement (I glad I didn’t buy the air or pro in 2020 I would be super upset only for the processor; the screen is secondary to me because I use glasses and are kinda blind hahaha).

    I am actually pretty excited for this device, hope they sent it soon. I am becoming impatient.

  14. I would love some feedback. I have FINALLY decided on my new IPad & have opted for the2021 iPad Pro 12.9” 512GB. My next dilemma, I CANT GET ONE ANYWHERE. I’m on the Gold Coast in Australia & have even looked as far as Sydney. I got up this morning to find that they have now extended shipping to August 🤭😱 my poor little 7 y/o Air is just not keeping up & keeps crashing. Does anyone know why the huge delay in shipping what is obviously been a huge hit on the market since it’s release. Thanks tech family.

  15. I do agree on the pencil after five cheap from two disk version one also has a mess tip one has a pen tip also to two bluetooth one having a special charger big nono to one being type c my latest one nothing compares to apple period finallahelled out the money at christmas and don't regret it at all

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