T95U Pro Android TV Box REVIEW – S912, 2GB Ram, 16GB Rom, Android 6.0

The review of the T95U Pro Android TV Box.
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In this review i take a closer look at the new T95U Pro tv box with the octa-core S912. You will be able to find out the speeds over wifi and over a wired connection, the benchmark results for the Antutu and Geekbench 4 and all the video formats that work and that don’t work. I’ve also tested DTS and DD and you can find my resunts in the video.

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  1. Can i connect my celfone on this device and view it on the tv? Sorry im not so good on these boxes

  2. I have good signal in my modem I access with my mobile and my laptob, the box turns on and off the wifi and does not recognize, and restart factory and continue with the problem, connect with direct cable to the modem and if you recognize, what can I do?

  3. hello i have a problem when I try to open the kdplayer program tells me I may not installed application help

  4. Enjoy your review.

    Bought the T95U PRO from GearBest as a replacement for my WD TV, which integrates well with my home theatre. The T95U seems to have hardware support for my preferred formats and an optical output for 5.1 DD & DTS. Unfortunately either the optical output doesn't work, or its not supported as shipped. I have audio through the HDMI to my TV, but can't get it on my receiver. No system sounds or video, regardless of stereo audio or surround sound.

    Is there a trick to configuring the T95U PRO to output digital audio through the optical SPIDF (toslink)?


  5. which one best T95u pro, T95Z PLUS or Beelink GT1 ? Please info, thank you very much

  6. I currently have Kodi in this…I do not like this…is there some other programs to choose from that are free and easy to use?

  7. Redskull
    Hy, my name is Cassiano From Brazil, I have a memobox and I would like to put the same SUNVELL T95SU pro launcher on my ufo memobox, I would like to download this launcher in aptoid, but I do not know the name of it, can anyone tell me? Or pass the link to the download of it?

  8. Hi Alex often I see GREEN FLashing during movies in KODI, does Sunvell has a OTA update ? hopefully you know how to contact Sunvell

  9. can you restart the device from the remote control ? as it doesn't look like the bottom bar missing the power button.

  10. Great review, I bought this box when I saw this video. But I have an issue with it. In browser, when im streaming a 720p video, the video laggs. But in 320p its flawless.

    This box is supposed to handle 4k but not 720p?

  11. Hi Alex. Nice vídeos. How you record the screen? I have one, and when i try to record i get a green screen. Thanks.

  12. hello Redskull, is this better than the Beelink GT1 ? I like the design better, but the GT1 seams a bit more powerfull

  13. will this run amazon prime video? i cant seem to find a android box that allows amazon video. i have already sent back 2 boxes!

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