Should you buy the iPhone 13 mini? | Mark Ellis Reviews

I was getting increasingly bored of iPhones – until I got my hands on the brilliant iPhone 13 mini. Here’s why I love it so much, why it might be for you, and why I desperately hope this isn’t the end of the road for this little device.

00:00 – Intro
00:58 – The battery
03:38 – Form factor
05:34 – The camera
06:57 – The MagSafe Wallet
09:53 – Conclusion

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48 bình luận cho “Should you buy the iPhone 13 mini? | Mark Ellis Reviews

  1. I agree 100% with you Mark. The 12 PRO was a great phone, an outstanding piece of technology, but very boring. The 13 Mini has a soul.

  2. I lost my S10e in the Tram about 2 months ago and haven't lived with a phone since.
    Samsung is just not an option anymore because the phones are just ridiculously big (That's what she sad)
    This is gonna be my next phone for the next few years.
    If I wouldn't have lost my phone, I would have not even thought about "upgrading"

  3. I wish apple didn’t give up on the mini. If this year is my upgrade year then I will surely upgrade to 13 mini

  4. I picked it almost 1 month ago and it’s just beautiful , I wanted to get the pro at first but the amazing size of the mini is something that you will never find in any other phone. Truly happy for my choice

  5. This phone is indeed so charming. The smaller, more attractive. I found this law can also be applied on my everyday coffee mug. I am seriously considering giving it as a gift to somebody. Your review is so comfortable.

  6. I’ve watched many vids on the iPhone 13 as I’m in desperate need for an upgrade and I was set on the regular 13, but… I’m now heavily leaning towards the mini

  7. After having had the original SE for 5 years, I upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro. I recently picked up my old SE and thought, "Damn. It's really nice." I know that it's unlikely that Apple will offer another mini-sized phone, but one can hope.

  8. I have the iPhone 13 mini and its the perfect little communicator. I sometimes miss the bigger screen of my iPhone 11 but my iPad mini fills that void.

  9. I’m reminded of what Phil Schiller said during the iPhone 5 keynote in 2012.
    “It is really easy to make a new product that’s bigger-everyone does that, that’s not the challenge. The challenge is to make it better and smaller.”

  10. Oh, no, you won't convince me of the greatness of the 13 Mini! 😉
    Ok, that's because I already own and love my own white one (256GB version) – marvelous in size and relatively decent in battery, the best part is that, feature-wise, I don't feel like it is a compromise, it's a rather complete version. So… there you have it, I was ALREADY convinced 😀

  11. I have the 12 mini and was excited when they announced the 13. I will be upgrading to it in the near future. I feel it’s the most practical phone size and if I need something bigger I go to tablet or computer.

  12. I bought the 4s back in 2012 loved it. Then switched to android had the S4, S6, S8…..hated the 3 of them haha. Got a P30 Pro then and it was great but Huawei are pretty much done now and while I found it amazing for battery and photos it was huge

    I got the 13 mini about 3 weeks ago and it’s the best phone I’ve had. Amazing photos, easy to type and the battery lasts me the full day! I avoid using 5G when not using Wi-Fi, I have it set to 4G which is better on the battery. If you’re contemplating this phone, pull the trigger on it!

  13. Magnetic and Paypal cards !o Gott🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  14. Had the 13 mini for a couple of weeks, upgraded from an SE. Really dislike big phones because they don't fit in the pocket of my bike saddle bag or the top pocket of a denim jacket, the 13 mini just manages it and is a superb phone in every way so far.

  15. My wife has a 12 mini , the battery IS a disappointment , however , how often are you really away from power ? , plus battery packs are small and cheap ….anyway , she absolutely loves the phone , and we are very tempted to just ‘ go for it ‘ and get the 512gb version of the 13 mini …..btw I bought the regular 13 and the battery life is awesome …

  16. Bought the 13 mini days ago. Here’s my point that yall need to consider before buying one;

    -Battery life expect around 4-5hours screen on time with 20-30% battery left
    -It charges super fast within 20 minutes u will have 30% juice (put airplane mode while charging and use a 20W apple charger)
    – To save battery use wifi when u are at home or anywhere possible as it saves more battery than mobile data
    -Whatsapp drains alot outta the battery
    -Its not too small for typing. U will get adapted to it
    – If u are coming from an android just know that the 13 lineups have yellow tint screen which can be solve by using Color Tint under settings to make it abit whiter or bluer

  17. I have the iPhone 12 mini. Yeah the battery is not great but was always sufficient for my needs. I guess the iPhone 13 mini is way better in that regards. I hope there will be minis going forwards….
    I read as well that the iPhone 12 mini sales number didn't meet their expectations. But as Apple only has a few models and if you calculate that in absolute numbers every other manufacturer would be glad if the sold that much of an individual model of their lineup…

  18. hi, i got a galaxy m51, should i get the 13 pro compared to the battery? i want an iphone but need lots of battery also want not so large phone

  19. I am going to order the mini later in the year. I have always use a large iPhone & my present one is an iPhone 12 Pro Max which I find is too big to operate. Thanks for yours share of experience in using one.

  20. I bought the 12 mini last year. I was so excited that they finally release a small phone, however, I was a bit disappointed that the "mini" wasn't really that small in my book, it compares more to my old iPhone 6 than to the 5 or 1st gen SE, but it's still the smallest smartphone on the market. And now it pisses me off that they are going to ditch that form factor completely and we'll get another "max" instead 😔.

  21. I bought the 12 mini in June and then traded it up to the 13 mini on day 1 and I absolutely love the form factor. I would absolutely die if Apple discontinued the mini.

  22. Can You make a review on the Bose QC 45 again? And compare it to the Sony xm4’s? I’m still really skeptical about which one to buy.. I just want to invest in the “right” ones:)

  23. gonna to say, I probably got convinced to go for a 13 mini. I also went to store to feel with my hands, and it was like what the perfection of size for a HAND-phone supposed to be. And your video gives me a lot more confidence to get one. Thanks!

  24. I have only been using the iphone 13 mini for two days so i can't say much but I have used the iphone 12 mini for 9 months and was very happy with it. I have never had any problems with the battery and its size perfectly suited my tastes. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  25. Bought iPhone 13 mini last week. Great device and love the fact I spend less time looking at my phone each day.

  26. Just got the 13 mini . I went from a 10r and this is so much easier to use . No compromises. It’s still a flagship phone and the promax in my opinion is just too cumbersome in the pockets .

  27. I bought the 12 Mini already (and to be fair I have no issues with battery life), otherwise I definitely would have gone for the 13 Mini. I just like the size of these phones, it’s hard to still really find small phones but these Minis are perfect. Small phones without having to give up features (the SE 2020 was also small but had the old design, after all). I really hope Apple keeps making them.

  28. Got the 13 mini a month back as an uografe to my 8 plus. The phone is simply amazing. Just haven’t used the camera to its potential yet but your phots samples are mind blowing

  29. I think we reached peak iPhone design with the 4S and that's why Apple is going back to that design next year🤓

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