SCULPTING ON AN IPAD – Nomad sculpt v Forger App | Who’s taking the lead now?

SCULPTING ON AN IPAD – Nomad App v Forger App | Which iPad sculpting app should I choose?

This video is all about which iPad sculpting app is right for you. Given that Maxon now own Forger and have made changes to how you acquire it and Nomad has recently updated to give us UV’s there is a lot to consider. This video does just that.

Lets us know what you think in the comments.

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We also interview an artist who started Digital sculpting one year ago this week, Daniel Torres. Dan helps us admin our Kajabi courses and has become an amazing 3D artist by just using an iPad!

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Digital sculpting is well established these days with programs like ZBrush, 3DCoat, Blender and more recently in VR with apps like Adobe Medium. There are now some amazing solutions that allow you to sculpt on an Ipad Pro with an Apple Pencil.

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9 bình luận cho “SCULPTING ON AN IPAD – Nomad sculpt v Forger App | Who’s taking the lead now?

  1. Forger or Nomad? The landscape is changing in mobile sculpting so which app is right for you?

    Let me know what you are using now and why!

  2. That was brilliant! Daniel is a legend and one I enjoy seeing sculpt updates from on the fb page! I started with Forger but eventually switched to Nomad and haven’t looked back. I still need to develop the skills needed to get the most out of it, especially since I bought a resin printer to take advantage of Nomad! Thank you so much for this and I sant wait to see the next vid you make on the subject!

  3. I’m loving Nomad! It was your first comparison video that prompted me to purchase the program. I’m so glad I did! Your beginner sculpting course is a goldmine! I’m having a great time learning to 3D sculpt and Daniel is a huge inspiration! Looking forward to future courses. Thank you for all your hard work producing the training courses and tutorials on YouTube!

  4. Forger fell too far behind early in the race for it to entice me back. I do know a few artists who’ve stayed with it, though, but I think that if it wants to be a serious player then it’s got a lot of work to do to catch up. The subscription model didn’t help either. Ps – thanks for the interview, Glen!

  5. Forger would have been tied for me personally but sadly they sold their company to maxon and decided to be greedy and go subscription based which is a huge bummer for me and many others

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