ROK-PC Version (beta) Live Test! 🔥🔥🔥 vs iPad! 🔴 Rise of Kingdoms ROK Fleisch

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Rise of Kingdoms ROK Fleisch
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14 bình luận cho “ROK-PC Version (beta) Live Test! 🔥🔥🔥 vs iPad! 🔴 Rise of Kingdoms ROK Fleisch

  1. Bugs so far:
    1. No emojies
    2. No Pictures
    3. Verification function not working (Need to do verification from phone to fixs this)
    4. Perhaps lilith provide settings using VGA more spesifictly.

  2. I tried it, it's perfect but there is some issues, such as virification function not working, no emojies

  3. bear in mind this is only a beta not complete yet so far way better than other devices or emulators so..congrats rok

  4. They Should Adapt the CODE to run the GPU rather than the CPU, Load (RUN) the whole game in the GPU would be AWESOME 👍👍. running it on CPU is just DUMB, just an opinion.

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