9 bình luận cho “Realme GT NEO 2 Vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – Camera Comparison

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  2. I have the iPhone 13 pro max in white 128gb and did an unboxing video on my channel! Absolutely love this phone. I also did a Spigen clear glitter case unboxing and try on, this is a great case if anyone is wanting a clear but slimming case for the 13 pro max. Love this phone 🙂

  3. Wow! The Realme was much better in Dynamic Range on the rear video. Was blown out a lot on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Shame there's no stabilization in 4k 60 on the Realme. That's when the iPhone 13 won lol.

  4. Nice comparison as always mate! One question, Xmas sales or Boxing day sales? I'm asking because I'll be there in a few weeks

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