M9S Z8 4K Android TV Box With Kodi Review February 2017

The all new M9S Z8 android tv box let’s take a look and review the findings.
Quad core S905 with 2gb ram and 16gb hdd.
This is a super powerful android box for very little money.
This M9S box I paid £39.99 for a few months ago it arrived today. I have looked on amazon and ebay and the cheapest is £59.99 for the same spec M9S android box.
I have yet to put a build on or some repositories so I could watch TV or films etc.
The box is very fast and looks great it’s a bit of a ripoff to the nvidia shield but only in looks.
The 2gb ram is very powerful at handling fast pace films so less buffering.
There are a few good tweaks added to this box 1 can be found on the main screen of the M9S, it is the clean memory button.
The second is the drop box at the top where the clock is. You can sync your phones calendar to show up on the M9S just like a tablet or laptop.


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  1. Why did you review it about kodi when you do not even know how kodi works. Saying your not really sure shows you really do not know what to do with Kodi to make it work for your home media centre.
    You can't claim it is fast without actual properly testing out the box. There is no speedtest for wifi and nothing at all for cpu testing, no benchmarks whatsoever.

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