M1 iPad Pro vs M1 MacBook Pro – Which One to Get?

iPad Pro M1 vs MacBook Pro M1 – Design, Display, Performance & more!
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44 bình luận cho “M1 iPad Pro vs M1 MacBook Pro – Which One to Get?

  1. Which one would you pick for what specific tasks? Also, make sure you give Paperlike a try, if you have ANY iPad! https://paperlike.com/ZoT22

  2. I’m a dentist so in sum a computer dummy lol and you just made my life easier…. I had no idea what to get and for my everyday use iPad Pro will do the job! Thank you

  3. I just have to get a Mac Book Pro! It will be the 16inch M1X after you insightful comparison of the shorting comings of the iPad Pro M1 against the Mac book pro. I just cannot take the crummy file handling business of the iPad Pro. After 8 years of owning ipads, i believe Apple is doing this deliberately for just the sake of profits.

  4. I have no need for a laptop my work doesn't require one and I generally don't need it for home lol the ipad is for me as I enjoy it for movies and considering I'm an OLED fan boy the mini led on my ipad pro is ridiculous good 😶 never seen colours so bright and accurate on any device 🙈 both my OLED TV and my note 20 ultra have weird circular lines on the screen for certain colours

  5. So in reality there really is no point in buying a Pro iPad. What's the point of huge performance if you're not allowed to use it. Just get one of the other updated non-pro iPads for a much lower price.

  6. Thanks a lot , this video made me think a lot about this 2 device and will help me to make the right purchase!

  7. Written September 22, 2021
    The official release of IPADOS 15 allows apps to use up to 7 extra GB on M1 16GB for a max of 12GB with 4GB reserved for OS whereas before apps were limited to 5GB on 16GB M1
    The base M1 8GB also gets the boost of using up to 6GB with 2 reserved for OS

    Don’t know how much the extra 7GB and 4GB will make in the ipad M1 into a more powerful device but the 12GB and 6GB limit are very much nicely welcomed.. and maybe we’ll see some better functionality in these remaining 3 months as a start

  8. I only use my old iPad Pro 10.5 for Procreate and the odd browsing, so theres no reason for me to upgrade to a tablet that costs more than a Macbook M1 if you include the magic keyboard. "What's a computer?" the Apple advert said. Well, the answer is "A device you can do all your work on, and that's still not the iPad"

  9. I am a college student who’s going for a civil engineering bachelors degree
    Which one should I get?
    I’m leaning toward the iPad but Not sure if it’s the best choice

  10. II would wish they would make an apple Ipad the size of a macbook pro. 16inches. That would be SO awesome. Or if the macbook pro would use the pencil.

  11. bro , nice video , but i think style of your speech should be changed , it should be more informal than formal …. i believe your viewer will be increase by God willing …

  12. What i do when i need to extend my display is to use my iPad Pro as a second display but that does require you to own both products

  13. I have Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inches 256gb . I am planning to upgrade, but I'm confused to get myself the new MacBook Pro M1 or the 12.9 inches iPad Pro. Please help me decide.

  14. Awesome comparison! I have an old iPad, so is getting slower. I still love it, but I will be getting a MacBook soon. Now I have to decide if I really need the MacBook Pro or The MacBook Air.🤔🌷🌷

  15. Next time for exporting photos into Lightroom just import them to photos first then import them to lightroom

  16. As usual, Apple got it complety wrong! Why still no touch screen when you find them on most Chromebooks??? Why no Mac OS on the Ipad ??? What are they thinking about??? Whatever the choice it will always be half the specs needed… Will I throw $1000 to play stupid games on ipad? NEVER! Will I throw $1000 to be stuck with a (not detachable) keyboard on an Mac Book??? NEVER!!!

    I will have to wait a few more years before they wake up to the compettion, in the meantime I'll stick to my high specs Chromebook.

  17. I’m thinking of getting a iPad Pro m1 2TB 2021 or the 16 in. With Touch Bar for digital design and digital art for college and idk which one to buy. Anyone pls help

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