iPhone 14 – 10 LEAKED Features!

iPhone 14 – Latest Leaks & Rumors, covering Design, Camera, Features & more!
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43 bình luận cho “iPhone 14 – 10 LEAKED Features!

  1. Hope you guys like the video! Wanted to wait until we had a bunch of iPhone 14 leaks to talk about, before making a video. Also, we're experimenting more and more with multiple camera angles. Would love to get your feedback!

  2. I Really hope that periscope lens comes to the iPhone 14 Pro Max next year, iPhone camera is great but it is lacking a good optical zoom for YEARS now, plz do it apple 🙁

  3. So an over-priced Samsung? Apple is going back to how it use to be when Jobs was booted from his own company. Making redundant products to follow the markets instead of innovating and creating markets

  4. They will remove the notch when they will not only master the under display faceid but also camera. Makes no sense that they will make the faceid under the display and will keep the camera. Never!

  5. Great video !!
    I’d rather having Apple focus on more on gain of functionality ( vs 1mm here or less there, the notch craze), embedded solar charging , photogrammetric 3D capture for AR in AR-photos ( that could be a thing, holo playback ? 🙂) more power, more battery life than ever, they are on a very nice efficiency streak, which is the way to go. Go Apple 🍎!!

  6. Awesome channel, great content, I'm switching over to iPhone soon from Samsung.. Thanks for sharing, stay safe and blessed 💕

  7. dude you should have bought mous case instead of bandwerk; those things are basically impossible and about half the price; made of carbon fibre/wood and still premium. Just a bit thicker than ur case though

  8. The notch is ugly, annoying and needs to go away. Everyone, calling it smaller, thanks to Apple lying to/telling us so, but in all truth, it’s only narrower but it’s ALSO thicker…so it’s really not smaller at all, just change in dimensions! But hey, tell enough people something enough they will believe it….
    It would be nice to see the return of a green colored iPhone, most particularly a dark forrest green color!

  9. Great video, as always, Daniel. Gotta be honest, nothing is impressing me so far on the iphone 14 rumour mill. However, it is still very early days so who knows. I am still hoping for a new version of touch ID. I think it is probably a lost cause though.

  10. I have no complain if iPhone 14 looked exactly like the first iPhone.

    Lightning is a speed of turtles by now.

  11. Glad I found this video.. Today I was about to upgrade my I-Phone 11 pro max, to 13 pro max. I guess I can hold off for next year with all these improvements.

  12. a punch hole is highly likely cause the volume buttons will be round as well if iphone 4 design is adopted, this gives more symmetric designs.

  13. Why do tech reviewers refer to camera zoom as ‘10 ex’? It’s a multiplication factor so should be ‘10 times’. Just one of my little pet hates 🤨

  14. I LOVE the size of my iPhone 12 mini. Wanted to wait for the 14 mini but sounds like that won't happen. I guess I'll wait as long as I can before they intro the iPhone 14… and grab a 13 mini just before they go away. That smaller size is perfect!

  15. I picked up a 13 after 4 years with an 8. I’ll check back in on the iPhone in 2 years, when they refine the first gen of the new design.

  16. I've seen and read that Apple wanted notchless iPhones since 2016 or so, but everytime…. Ooh man I think iPhone 14 going with notch AGAIN 🤣

  17. SORRY THIS IS FOR THE CASE SPONSOR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

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