iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6 Camera Comparison Test! | VERSUS

The #GooglePixel6 and the #iPhone13 are definitely the best devices available on the market right now. We tested the most important photo and video features in night and daylight conditions in a direct comparison to hopefully make it easier for you to decide, which of the cameras suits you the best. Our tests include: Portrait mode, all the different cameras (ultrawide, wide, zoom, macro and front), slow-motion feature, night mode, as well as tests revolving the auto-focus, the optical image stabilization and the microphone. Let’s see which of these two high end smartphones creates the best images. Who of the two giants will we win the race, the Apple iPhone 13 or the Google Pixel 6?

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What happens in this 🔎
0:00 Intro
0:16 Zoom video
1:01 Stabilization
1:27 Macro video
1:40 Auto focus
1:56 Slow motion
2:08 Microphone test
2:29 Portrait photo
4:03 Selfie photo
4:30 Zoom photo
5:32 Macro photo
5:36 Photo comparison
6:05 Night mode photo
6:45 Night mode video

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22 bình luận cho “iPhone 13 vs Google Pixel 6 Camera Comparison Test! | VERSUS

  1. Nah imo most of the time pixe's photos are more natural and the iPhone makes them more colorful than it actually is. If I want my colors to look different I can change that later, but you can't change iphone's lesser detail and shadow crushing.

  2. Iphone 13 looks more detailed and realistic, but there’s something I can’t put my finger on about pixel 6’s photos and videos that draws me to it

  3. great reviewed !!!! Finally a youtuber who compares two cell phones of the same specifications … They all make Pixel 6 vs iPhone 13 pro Max and the winner is always iPhone … Thank you !!!

  4. From what I saw I think the I phone video was a bit better. For the photos I like both but Pixel seems a bit sharper.

  5. Pixel 6 has the tone of iphone 11 series, yellowish tint, at that time apple fanboys liked it and insulted the neutral tones of android, now apple shifted to neutral fanboys swapped teams😂

  6. 1:56 I think Google Pixel 6 did an amazing job, look at the tree and the sun . Overall video was great with lot's of detailed information, again great job team versus.

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