iPhone 13 pro Video Test NYC – PRORES vs CINEMATIC MODE vs STANDARD

I out the iPhone 13 pro video capabiloity into Test in one of my favourite ciitites the NYC – check my comparrison of PRORES vs CINEMATIC MODE vs STANDARD. I walk through manhattan, central park and TIme square to put this phoones new feautures into test.

#appleprores #iphone13pro #cinematicmode

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8 bình luận cho “iPhone 13 pro Video Test NYC – PRORES vs CINEMATIC MODE vs STANDARD

  1. Prores indeed looks different compared to the standard video mode. It looks like prores has more accurate color to my eyes. But the downside is the prores videos produces significantly larger file size. Unless I am really sure what moment that I want to record with prores, I think I would choose the standard mode as both of them will be equally compressed by the social media platforms if they're posted

  2. Really nice comparison. Cinematic mode can be really beautiful when there isn't people in the shot. PRORES doesn't deliver much to the shots.

  3. Nice comparison, prores has different applications vs Cinematic. In terms of what type of shot you want to get.

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