iPhone 13 Pro – Long Term Review – The Best iPhone? (in 8K)

iPhone 13 Pro has been out for 2 months. In this video I share the overall experience with iPhone 13 Pro durability, scratches, battery life, and how iPhone 13 Pro has been using iOS 15. We also help you decide if iPhone 13 Pro is the right iPhone for you. #iphone13pro #iOS15 #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – Size
01:07 – Durability
02:30 – Display
03:06 – PWM
03:43 – The Notch
04:33 – One-Handed Use
05:10 – Cameras
05:47 – Speed
06:22 – Speakers
07:11 – Battery Life
08:32 – Reception and WiFi
09:22 – Recommendation
11:10 – Outro

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44 bình luận cho “iPhone 13 Pro – Long Term Review – The Best iPhone? (in 8K)

  1. What iPhone or phone are you using and are you planning to upgrade to iPhone 13 Pro or something different? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. I really want the iPhone 13 pro soo bad 😢
    Watching all these videos related to latest iPhones happily and then using my 6s just makes me feel bad lol

  3. I have a Xs Max since the launch (3 years already) and I'm not having problems with it, everything is fine but this new 13 pro max is making me want to change my phone, since I use the cameras a lot and in combination with the new batteries and display is an amazing device, I think it's the right time

  4. I love mine! A huge upgrade from the XS. I love the battery life and camera improvements the most! 120Hz display is awesome as well, but some 3rd party apps have some stutter (I guess they still haven't been updated to support the higher refresh rate).

  5. I switched from note 20 ultra to an iPhone 13 pro max and I love it. I miss the customization of android but other than that iOS is easy to use.

  6. Another great video Aaron. Regarding the PWM rate of the IPhone 13 pro max. I noticed almost immediately that I was getting eyestrain and headaches from using the phone. I did a little research and I found that if I reduced the screen shot point via the accessibility settings it helped a great deal. Also putting a shortcut in the control centre to the setting helped if I needed to change it quickly back. Keep up the good work. 👍🏻

  7. I have the 13 promax and just love it. Unfortunately up here in Montana we still do not have 5G which really sucks.

  8. Why are you uploading in 8K? Barely anyone has 8K displays. Such a waste of bandwidth and file size imo. A great review though overall

  9. I bought the iPhone 13 Pro to replace my iPhone XS Max. Thought about getting the iPhone 13 Pro Max but after reading reviews and watching YouTube videos like yours, and buying an IiPad Pro 11 in July I went with the Pro.

  10. I am using the regular iPhone 13 and I have noticed a bug in the camera app where it doesn't focus on close-up subjects. Although my iPhone 7 plus does the job pretty well, this phone just doesn't. Apple needs to fix this issue as it's very annoying. Overall it's a beast of a phone. Even though I miss the pro-motion display, I love the phone.

  11. Had a 12 pro max. Wasn’t going to get a new phone, but when I handled the 13 Pro, I was reminded how convenient having a phone that fits in your hand can be. So, I stepped down from the Max and haven’t looked back. Love this phone.

  12. I’d like an iPhone mini pro or pro phone in the 5.8 inch size and boom I’d upgrade instantly. 6.1 is okay but just a tad large… which is funny because I have XR but want to upgrade to the Max just for the battery capacity haha! But I think o wouldn’t like the super large phone when my preferred I think is 5.8

  13. I just ordered mine. Have to wait 5 to 7 days to receive it by mail but I’ll be switching from a 7+ to the 13 pro.

  14. The camera glasses are not sapphire they call it Sapphire but its actually just normal glass check jerryrigeverything

  15. I’m very happy with my 13 pro max battery life is something I’ve never had with a phone could probably get me through 2 days easy And the promotion is great apple have done a good job good content Aaron keep up the good work 🙂

  16. If the rumors for iphone 14 that have no notch and touch id, I will upgrade but unless it's a 13s model, gonnot stick to 13pro. This year's model have 1 day battery plus the pro motion that will be in the later models.

  17. the problem is that with a smaller phone.. you can do everything with the hand that you're holding it in.. and you don't have to use both hands.. one to hold it in and the other one to touch it.
    because of that.. you do not get the exercise you do with the larger phone. your other hand is just laying there like a good for nothing bum.
    who needs that?
    UP.. HAND!!!
    GET TO WORK!!!

  18. upgraded through tmo from my 11pro, got $1000 trade in spread out over 2years on my 55+ max account . This phone is amazing!

  19. I had an 11 pro, 12 pro and now the 13 pro max. I’m loving the great battery life and huge screen of the 13 pro max. I find portability of the larger phone is not an issue in my case.

  20. I have a 13 pro in the gold color way. I really like the size of this phone. I have small hands so this works well. Battery has been very good for me. 6-7 hours screen on time and 30% battery left unless I played Pop Blitz a lot. Apple replaced my phone Saturday because of a Bluetooth issue…it didn’t fix it completely so it might be a radio issue or software update. So now I’ve got to start all over with the battery. But I love the weight and that I can just slide it in my pants pocket and no worries about it sticking out.

    Now where is my YouTube Picture in Picture??

  21. Last Saturday I picked up the 13 Pro Max, and this is my first ever max-sized iPhone. So far I’m really enjoying the larger size, I expect going back to a smaller size would now be difficult

  22. I just got my 13 pro upgraded from iPhone XR today man this thing is fast just on LTE I’m very impressed with this phone!!!!

  23. I recently upgraded from an 11 to 13 Pro and never regretted a single bit. the display is amazing, battery life is great, and the overall build quality is awesome!

  24. I’ve had every iPhone since the 5s and iPhone 8 has always been my favorite iPhone but I must say, iPhone 13 pro is truly something else 😳😳. ProMotion, the battery life, and Sierra blue is absolutely STUNNING 😍. iPhone 13 pro has dethroned the iPhone 8 for me. Oh and camera on this thing is outta this world🙌🏾

  25. Hi Aaron, doesn’t the sapphire glass on the camera lenses scratch as easily as normal glass? JerryRig tried it and it still scratched at Moh’s 6.

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