iPhone 13 mini review: 2 months later!

Reviewing the iPhone 13 mini – my favorite iPhone ever!
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8 bình luận cho “iPhone 13 mini review: 2 months later!

  1. Great video, but I really do have to disagree with your claim that the battery is not good. I upgraded to the 13 mini from an iPhone 11, and when the 11 came out, all anyone could talk about was how good and reliable the battery life was. Don't get me wrong, the 11 certainly did and does have good battery performance, but my iPhone 13 Mini has been JUST as good as my 11 ever was. I consistently finish the day with 30% battery leftover (usually I have 4-5 hours of screen on time). I've never had to worry about making it through the day, and I am constantly checking Instagram, texting, and browsing Reddit. If you aren't a super heavy user, the iPhone 13 mini will more than work for you.

  2. I have the iPhone 13 pro max in white 128gb and did an unboxing video on my channel! Absolutely love this phone. I also did a Spigen clear glitter case unboxing and try on, this is a great case if anyone is wanting a clear but slimming case for the 13 pro max. Love this phone! 🙂

  3. Good to see your into the vids again mate! Loved this video! Going from the Pro Max down to the normal Pro was a big thing for me lol. I think going to the mini is too far for me lol! Super excited for your 14/16 inch MacBook Pro reviews!!

  4. Harris! With the scruff and shawl collar I was waiting for you to pull out your pipe! Where did that squeaky clean kid go? He’s all grown up!

  5. Man, I’m a size king 🤣, but not for storage but for the battery and sadly the mini ain’t got it.

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