iPhone 13 Full Review नेपालिमा

Hey everyone, this is our full review of the iPhone 13 that launched in the Nepali market recently. The phone has launched in 3 variants in total, 128GB: Rs. 1,37,990, 512GB: Rs. 1,54,990, and 1TB: Rs. 1,89,990. Find out more about the device in this video 🙂

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38 bình luận cho “iPhone 13 Full Review नेपालिमा

  1. Hyaa dd kina yo vdo halnu vako hola maile hejo varkhar iphone 13 kineko aaba yo vdo herera 40000 chuna lageko jasto vairaxa
    Lastai regret vaxa
    Baru hejai halnu vako vaye hunthyo ni yo vdo
    aru katti review vdo here yesto aru kunai ma vaneko thena
    balla aaja halnu vayera 😔

  2. Me watching review of I PHONE13 from my legendary SAMSUNG GALAXY J2 CORE-1 GB RAM mobile🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

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