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  1. vo 10 copy lene ke baad bhi 1 lakh nhi jayega… zyada se zayda 100-200 rs… aur 2-3 trimax in 150 rs…. that will last much longer than that 10k rs pen's battery…. and you can buy some good colours pens in 200-300 rs… total around 700 rs

  2. Boss I thik issme distraction ho skta hai
    But classmat me essa nhi hai
    Ager main afford krta to jarur buy karta
    iPad ko … I love iPad ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. If iPad Pro does it, it hurts the eyes, the tension of charging, the fear of missing the note in a touch, the headache of costly and maintenance,

  4. Money does not Grow on Trees , Apple should think about it , because of these companies only people who wants to help poor people , will trapped by these expensive products and they spend on these products instead of helping hands , and yes we cannot complain on either side but this also be the cause , example – I want to help someone when I get salary but very next moment I see some good gadgets then if I'm punctual then I won't get distracted but if not then I won't try to help anyone but to buy such gadgets

  5. Not book hi sab jada accha hai.. kyu ki kabhi na kabhi ipad kharab to hoga na to kya jo notes hai to gaya … Ipad sirf shock ke liye rakhana hi accha lagata hai

  6. If someone steals your stylus pen the you will lose 10000rs but if some one steals 100 normal pen of worth 10rs then you lose 1000rs.
    In other words, east or west notebook is the best.

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