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  1. I use an iPad mini. iPad ios is a disappointment because you have to adopt a closed system with massive cloud capacity needs if you play by Adobe rules.
    I shoot fuji to two cards: Raw to one, jpg to the other. I use an sd card reader to the iPad since the fuji wifi app gets flakey. I import jpg with baked film sims, using app Maxcurve to adjust toe, heel and contrast.
    I add borders then I share them.

    For raw work I use a laptop then copy the LR catalog file over…. All of my edits transfer… there’s no different lightroom Mobil version, no folders limitation, no tiny screen.

    I think the whole iPad lure comes at a great cost of flexibility, security, and workflow. You have to do everything the iOS way, not your way. Incongruent ios file management compared to Mac OS is a deal killer for me. Example: I copied 400 photos from an ssd card into the ios folders. There was no way to copy them to camera foll to edit. Fail!

    Guys, stay away from iPad ios if you already have a Mac OS workflow with backup

  2. I honestly think that this my favorite review so far. I just wanted to point out that it was good enough for him to sell his 11inch and his 16 spec'd out macbook pro. I've honestly been considering the 12.9 But I already have an 2020 11inch and 2018 11inch(that's a whole other story) . But im thinking of just trading in my 11 for the 12.

    Because I do a lot of illustrations but the thing I struggle most with is battery life. So only that can possibly fix that is having 2 Ipads lmao. But im thinking it would also be fun to experience the bigger one as well. But for anyone just wanting Ipad pro , but want cheap. Just get the 2018 it's the same lol Your not missing out.

  3. Has anyone done the download speed test using a SD UHS-II card reader with a UHS-II rated card with the M1 iPad and a non M1 iPad? Or a USB-C SSD download/upload with a M1 iPad and a non M1 iPad?
    Just to check to see if the interface USB-C/Thunderboldt as speed bottleneck or the internal storage in the device. As a photographer download speeds from the SD cards and transfer a speed to a portable SSD like the Samsung T5 are important to me currently

  4. For a casual user do you recommend the 2018 Pro 12.9? (I got it for USD 635 from Apple refurbished but still within return window)

  5. Wicked review!!! I have a Sony A7R2 and got the 2021 11 IPad Pro to be my editing device since I don't have a computer…wish me luck!!! (Lightroom is pretty good on the IPad Pro)!

  6. Hey, not sure if it works the same on the ipad as I don't have one, but you can add a shortcut + automation to stop true tone whenever you open lightroom or your editing app.

  7. Awsome video, I really mean it. Very well presented, you delivered exactly what promised in the beginning of the video, your presentation skills were very nice and you made it technically just right (sound, lighting, proper skin colors etc). You can always tell if someone is coming from a photography or videography background. Nothing is attention grabbing, but everything fits together, just how it should be.

    Unfortunately, for me it's hard to decide if it's worth buying it for my needs. I love photography but only as a hobby. I already own a big home computer with a dedicated 32inch calibrated monitor and a macbook pro 16 on the go. But the setup is used for my engineering work mostly, photography is just my hobby. I mostly use AdobeCamera Raw with Photoshop or On1 RAW. So regarding to your last comparison section of the video, what are your thoughts as the ipad pro as an additional device to use in conjunction with a mac book pro on the go? Is the pencil etc worth an additional expense? Maybe you could share a few thoughts here.

  8. I’m so used to use computers and the macOS is still lacking some key features to be my only device but I’m strongly considering to buy the 11’ to add to my workflow.

    Ad you said never buy a hardware based on future software updates, adjust your usage or use the best tool for the job.

    Cool to have your feedback. Thks for sharing 🙂

  9. 11:30 going from the 512GB to 1TB is not just "a little bit more" unless you consider a $300 price jump to be "just a little bit more". Granted tho the jump from 256 to 512 is a $200 jump.

    To conclude and summarize. IPad OS as it sits now is not made to make use of or really take advantage of more RAM in any meaningful way. The only reason to even go for 512GB of storage or more for the average user is if you think you will be installing a LOT of apps and also want to store a LOT of downloaded videos and music directly on to your device at the same time. Otherwise save your money and stick with a 256GB version which i think is the best overall value.

  10. Only thing I don’t like about LR on the iPad Pro is the fact that we can’t really fix chromatic aberration. You need an actual computer for that. ☹️

  11. good job on calming us all down with the facts and nothing more. hypelessness is a virtue, and you model it very well. thanks roman

  12. The M chip is very nice performance wise & the new screen. But, I would wait for the M chip to pass a few generations in the iPad state, if you already have the 12.9” 2020. It would be cool to see a much larger iPad, say like a slate to do more professional work on, but the 12.9” is good size for more “Instagram” photo editing. Cool channel by the way, recent subscriber ✌🏻

  13. This is the best review on YouTube about the M1. Subscribed. Look forward to more real reviews 👍🏼

  14. That mobility is addicting. I love to upload pics from camera to iPad during the holiday and see it.
    What I don't like is that photos are not in full res in "files" app… So it kinda forces me to work with "photos" app

  15. I am using iPad Pro 2020 11", MacBook Pro 16", and Fujifilm XT4. Me and Roman are exactly a same person. 😂

  16. i bought a M1 11 inch iPad Pro from 2020 A12z 11 incher….b/c i broke my fucking screen about 2 months after the warranty an 2 weeks before the release of 2021 M1 model…fk me…

  17. Interesting review of iPad photo editing. I tried it in the past but I did find that it has been slower for me and often I had a color cast on my edited photos. So I had to rework them on my calibrated PC screen.

  18. I've asked a few YouTubers this but no one has replied. What software do you use to cull your images and does Photo Mechanic work on Ipad???

  19. Regarding the comment about turning true tone on when you open Lightroom, create a shortcut to turn true tone on and then an automation so that when Lightroom is opened you run the true tone on shortcut. You’ll get what you want.

  20. Brilliant discussion. Loved it. Some beautiful images in there too. I just returned the 12.9 M1 as I shoot a lot of landscape images and am a very heavy photoshop user, and the iPad version just doesn't get anywhere close to the MacOS version. I think though I will but either a 2021 or 2020 11 inch for some general 'consumption' and maybe dabble with some digital 'arty' landscape work.

  21. Forgive my amateur question. So does the improved screen then translate to better colors when you print? In other words, if you can better manipulate the picture on the iPP, does it pay off in the print (assuming you have access to a first rate printer)? BTW, I went through my photos on the iPP 2021, and really did see improved imaging over my 2018 iPP 12.9" For me, it was worth the upgrade from the 2018 to the 2021 iPP. But, I do hope Apple's next iOS takes better advantage of the M1 chip, and 16GB of RAM.

  22. Apple is going to kill every PC, tablet & phone manufacturer in upcoming years. but for me only if they add a proper file management system on ipads and iphones. Writing this from my macbook pro m1 & its greatest LAPTOP i've ever used.

  23. Nice video. I just got the 12.9 128 2020 not even a year ago so I’m fine with mine. I really just use it for drawing and reading the news. Do my editing on my 2020 MBP 32GB ram.

  24. Good video and answered a lot of the question I had! Felt a little stupid buying a 2020 Ipad right before the M1 iPad was announced but honestly I can live with the (little) longer render times. For photo editing it's more than fine! It's actually faster than my laptop lol.

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