iPad 2021 9th generation unboxing ✨ apple pencil 1, accessories & setting it up

I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring you this video today! I’ve been in the market for an iPad for awhile now & was so excited to see the most budget-friendly iPad come back in stock so I could unbox it & review it for all of you!

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iPad 9th generation:
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Apple pencil 1:


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  1. I just recently bought the same iPad and it’s very good (I am a high school student) the screen size is just awesome and the quality is amazing 10/10 recommended perfect for gaming etc!💖

  2. Im so sorry for your struggle, you know people always judge because they think someone is spoiled but your story tells me you really need it and deserve it no matter what!!☺️

  3. Aw I’m so happy for you! I think I’m wishing for one for Christmas this year. I love your videos, tysm for taking the time and effort out of your day to film and edit these! Xoxo

  4. I did click this video for the unboxing but upon hearing you talk about what happened in the past I felt like I just had to listen. Keep doing you and I hope things start to get easier for you. 🙂

  5. My parents says I can get a iPad 9 too and I’m so exited but it’s sold out everywhere 😩 I have to wait for Black Friday or more 🙁

  6. Im just as excited as you but like 1000000x more, im probably getting one for christmas! omg i cant wait, ive been wanting one for 2 and a half years now, im so excited i cant tell you how excited i am its to much to ask.

  7. I currently have the iPad Air and upgraded from the iPad 8th Gen – I have to say; I much preferred the 8th get for its simplistic design and it's unbelievably fast and handy to have with you all day!

  8. Thanks for the video! I just bought that iPad and I think I'll buy that case. I don't have the money right now for the pencil, but I hope to get it cheaper soon.

  9. OMG, so happy for you!! I love technology but I can't afford the fanciest ones.. and I think iPad 9 is perrrrfeeect!! It's amazing, fast, has latest features like centerstage and much more. We don't need the Pros, iPad 9 does the job very very well.

  10. Congrats!
    I got the apple pencil before I got my ipad because it was on sale for $80 new on Amazon 😅
    I'll most likely get my ipad after christmas 😁

  11. Ahh I loved this video – congrats!! I love the Lock Screen wallpaper, is there any way you could post the link? X

  12. If you haven’t already you should order the Paperlike screen protector. It’s matte so it feels more like writing on paper and not a screen ❤️

  13. ah excited for mine to come tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was out of stock for ages but I figured out a tactic to get it quicker (:

  14. Congrats Carter! Mine is the last years iPad 8th generation. I go with the 128gb. Save some money for it.

    love how you're getting more confident with doing more tech unboxings and videos! <3

  16. I'm excited for this video! Glad your making it on the budget friendly Ipad. I have been thinking about getting it! Carter I hope your doing well and have a great rest of your weekend ☺️❤️

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