iOS 12 Black Screen Spinning Wheel (iPhone/iPad)

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  1. I have an iPad mini 5 running iPad os 14.3, the screen went black and a loading screen came up. And it went back, not sure why it happened, but am scared if something bad might happen, it’s still under warranty

  2. The solution one worked!!!!!If I didn’t find this video I would have been in trouble by my mom!!😆😅😂

  3. I was about to head to the store which was going to be a huge inconvenience today. My screen was black with the spinning wheel for a good hour before I found this video. It worked for my XR and I'm back in business (I agree with the other reviews, you have to do volume up, volume down and side button rather quickly). Thank you!

  4. My ipad mini 4
    The loading spinning wheel appears and it reset all apps its like its recently open when the loading is finished it, idk how to remove but its annoying
    It keeps reseting my progress in my homework

  5. lmao i love how simple the solution it is and it has been made into a youtube video. well-played sir, well-played.

  6. Help I don’t know what to iPhone 6s has been stuck on it for 2hrs straight and none of these work…,because my home button ain’t working I rlly need help

  7. you saved me probably $40 bucks. I was going to take to the a shop for repair. Thanks for the good clean and easy way to explain how to fix the problem.

  8. I found I had to do this procedure very quickly or it didn’t work. When I did it fast, I only had to hold the Power button for maybe 15 seconds before it turned off. Thanks for the video!

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