Install ATVXperience on Amlogic Android TV Box (s905x)

Full steps can be found at

DISCLAIMER: This process will overwrite the current Android ROM on your TV box. I have tested these steps on my own devices, but I am not responsible if you damage or brick your device. Verify the ROM will work on your device before starting and make sure to backup any data you do not want to lose before proceeding.

While the atvXperience image is a very well made image for Amlogic TV devices I don’t recommend using it on TV boxes with only 1 GB of RAM. I originally used this on a Sunvell T95x that has Amlogic S905x @ 2GHz and 1 GB of DDR3 RAM but the experience was very sluggish and mutlitasking was almost impossible. After a few weeks I grabbed a Tanix TX9s with an Octa Core Amlogic S912 @ 2GHz and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and have been using this image on it for well over a year with no issues and solid performance.
01. Download the atvXperience Image
02. Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool
03. Extract the downloaded Amlogic USB Burning Tool
04. Launch Amlogic USB Burning Tool
05. If the user interface is not in English, select the second option in the Menu – English
06. Select File – Import Image
07. Browse to the downloaded atvXperience image and select it
08. After the image is verified click the Start button
09. Connect the TV box from the OTG port to the PC via USB cable
10. Press the reset button (sometimes hidden inside the AV port)
11. Wait for the ROM to copy over to the device
12. Once the process completes (100%: Burning Successfully) click the Stop button
13. Disconnect the TV box from the PC USB
14. Connect the TV box to an HDMI display and power it on
15. Enjoy a clean and fast Android TV experience on your Amlogic TV Box

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  1. I have a Gigatv Android HD870 4K, the software that comes standard is out of date and there are no updates of any kind or responses from the company that created it. Before throwing it away, do you think it would be worth installing atvXperience? Why do you say that you do not recommend installing it on machines with S905x @ 2Ghz cpu and 1Gb of ram, which is precisely the characteristics of the tvbox that I have … What do you think?

  2. عزيزي المعالج هو نفسه حق البي اوت ينفع يتحمل للبي اوت كيو

  3. Hello I have a s905x amlogic with realtek wifi chip x96 box i think Now comes this box with stock and already installed it android version of android 6 and there is no another avaible for it when you on the regular way Go to check system update that you have already the last Version already Android 10 is available on Phone and some boxes no I will go to a higher version and one what have nice and simple menu on his custom rom and found poison google tv with android 9 for s905x chipset but ehen u go about he says you on 7.1.2 and i install it with the sd card burn tool tool the img on the box ( had no male to male usb a cable when install) and the menu looks as a real tv with google tv os with his own icon on some place and free intro that you can make on internet set as boot screen but in only red color every page on the menu etc so the name is poison red but every things work great but i have don’t love the red color and i go search on google for a another custom rom and i found one from daivietpda also one rom
    Of google tv android 9 for the s905x chipset that is really looks better than the red one of poison google tv rom its acual written that is for the tx5 pro box but all s905x chipset it can use i am install it with same process of the sd card burn tool and i install it but no acces to wifi anymore (on poison rom i have acces to wifi) now you can with root acces enable it but i can get root acces but i need install a zip file in recovery mode but o cant anymore with i also push the button in av hole to get recovery mode its boot direct to the googletv rom 9 now i am stuck there i have buy also male to male usb a cable but that is he also not recognizing also when I press the button with only connected to my TV and Usb Cable that I buy today when I write this message to my laptop

    I am stuck I want to let work everything in the world also back to my stock room but that is the good one thats only work perfect with no problem how can I fix that is recognizing in the usb burning tool or option install with sd card burn tool when you cant Acces When you also press button its from the rom i thing somethings wrong

    (Now i have also Usb a male male cable)

  4. I have the atvXperience X96 mini, I don't the remote how can I switch it on without IR remote…also I have a phone with IR and I've used it on couple of devices, what remote app can be compatible with this device or what settings can be compatible or how to manually switch it on internally or through ROM settings.

  5. Hello i have a p281 android 9 smart box and i dont no how to update my android, no one on you tube use a tv box like me it a ott tv s905w

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