How To Use The Ultra-Link Android TV Box

The Ultra-Link Android TV Box will change your ordinary TV into a Smart Android TV! Easily connect your TV Box to your TV and enjoy a variety of preloaded apps such as Showmax, Netflix, Kodi, Youtube & Playstore. Please note this product is not Google-certified; it does not support DSTV Now. The First Part Of The Video we show you how to use the Android TV Box with the remote. In the second part, we show you how to navigate through using the Android TV Box with a wired mouse.

How To Use The Ultra-Link Android TV Box:
00:19 Android TV Box Specs
00:44 What’s In The Box
01:24 Closer Look At The Android TV Box
01:52 Connecting Your Android TV Box
02:08 Setting Up Your Android TV Box
02:13 How To Navigate Using The Remote On The Interface
02:34 Set Up Screen Position
02:56 Set Up Screen Resolution
03:13 Set Up Network Connection
03:18 Set Up Ethernet Connection
03:20 Set Up WiFi Connection
03:34 How To Navigate Using The Remote When Inserting WiFi Password
04:14 How To Use The Mouse Button On The Remote
04:40 Set Up Language
05:06 Set Up Date & Time
05:34 Uninstall Apps
06:04 Backup & Reset The Android TV Box
06:19 OTA (Over The Air) Update
07:20 Update Apps
07:49 Connect Wired/Wireless Mouse To The Android TV Box
07:58 Using A Mouse On YouTube
08:54 Adjust Video Quality On YouTube
09:15 Using A Mouse On Netflix
09:55 Edit Audio/Subtitles On Netflix

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Here are some popular Questions & Answers:
Q1, If the display does not work plugged in it means the HDMI port is faulty. A: The device needs to be replaced. B: Take it back from where u bought it from.

Q2, If the device freezes on the ULTRA-LINK page it means that the software is corrupted and so you will have to do a system reset in the bios setup.
Step 1: unplug the power cable and plug it back and press the menu button constantly till the screen goes black it means u are in the bios.
Step2: select “wipe cache partition” and it will give you a choice of “yes” or “no”, choose yes.
Step 3: Select “wipe data/factory reset” and it will also give you a choice of “yes or no” and will choose “yes”.
Step 4: Click on the reboot device. And see if it worked if not the device wilL have to be replaced.

Q3, How do you install DSTV NOW on to the Android TV box’s?
Step1: Go to my apps and “click okay”.
Step2: Search for AppStore then “click okay”.
Step3: right scroll till you see “DSTV NOW” then you will click okay on it. Then click download then it will download and install automatically once done you can put your information details.

Q4, Showmax is not working and how can I fix it?
Step1: Go to settings then to apps then go to Showmax and uninstall the app from the system then go to my apps and “click okay”.
Step2: Search for Appstore and click okay. As the app opens you will see Showmax move the arrow on To Showmax app and “click okay”.
Step3: Click on download it will download then it will install automatically once done you will close the apps.
Step4: Open Showmax then go to more options and set it on TV layout. Then you can put your detailed information.

26 bình luận cho “How To Use The Ultra-Link Android TV Box

  1. This devise Netflix is not showing pictures,instead it says ready for update, when I update it says "This is not compatible with your device please contact developer " so developer please help, to think I bought it specifically for Netflix but now it says not compatible. Please help us.

  2. Thank heavens I read the comments, I was considering getting this device (I'm currently using a Mygica ATV495 Pro, which has been problematic pretty much from the start, but I soldiered through for about 3 years, having taken the first one back 'cos it was faulty). I'll be getting the Xiaomi Mi TV Box S tomorrow.

  3. I am really sorry to comment this on your product but it is really not worth the money. I got this unit today and Netflix as well as Showmax is a disaster to try an navigate through on this device. Perhaps the current functionality was okay 5 years ago but honestly it is the worst Android TV Box I have worked with to date.

    I am really disappointed with this product and will definitely go back for a full refund tomorrow.

    I do not recommend this product to anyone interested in Streaming Services.

    Really a substandard product.

  4. We just installed our TV box. How do we on Netflix scroll left and right to select movies as there is no arrow to move movies left and right while scrolling through.

  5. Help, when i open Netflix i can’t navigate with the buttons, it shows a cursor instead how can i disable this cursor

  6. I bought this piece of crap today. Will be returning it to incredible connections. My TV's HDMI ports just keep telling me "No Signal" . I've done everything suggested on the net. I even brought a HDMI VGA converter out of desperation. Still nothing. So frustrated I want to throw it against the wall!!

  7. Got this device today, was hoping to replace my old faithful Linux Mint PC I've been using with something more compact, to please the missus. At first it seems like the ideal solution, physicaly quality looks good and with a remote to boot however I'm quite disappointed and here's why.
    It's easy enough to set up perhaps too easy, not enough functionality.
    You cant realy use it properly without a mouse connected. You tube works ok, the browser ok. However I didn't bother trying the rest of the streaming apps after trying to run Netflix. So if you intend watching Netflix on this device you will probably get very frustrated. They could have done a lot more on the remote control to work with Netflix. So the remote is very limited in a browser and Netflix. It has a mouse mode but this is slow and basically just up down left right and select, it's laborious. The Neflix home screen response is slow, low res and clipped on the right and there is no way to scroll through the movie tiles left or right or up and down with the remote So you cant see all the movies in a row. You need a proper mouse plugged in just to scroll through Netflix to page up or down or select a movie, still not having left or right scroll it's just too frustrating. You can use the search function but then you get one long list. The picture quality seems to vary from grainy to passable never realy good. Colour is a bit washed out. Limited settings so there is not much to help improve things.

    So it works, sort of if you don't mind the low resolution and switching between remote and mouse but personally for watching Netflix it doesn't make the grade for me. So unfortunately it's going back for a refund. My old linux Mint PC does the job so will be on the TV cabinet a bit longer. Sory my dear

  8. I bought it 2 days ago and a discounted price. Now I know why. I regret it, it's not working as it should. The picture always freezes as you try to watch something. I recommend not to buy it. It was a waste of money. Tomorrow I am sending it back.

  9. Good day. Do I have to have a mouse to be able to scroll down through my Netflix selection? I've been sitting here trying to figure out why the screen won't scroll down using the mouse function. Please help 😀

  10. This box is poor bought it and am taking it back. It freezes and the Netflix view is so poor I can't even scroll down

  11. Hi I’m able to log onto Netflix however when I’m in the app it won’t allow me to move or watch anything. It’s freezes however I’m able to go back or exit the app. Please help

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