HD HILARIOUS!!! Apple iPad Grammy Awards (Grammy's) Introduction by Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert introduces the all new Apple iPad (not iPod) on the Grammy (Grammy’s) Awards!!!


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  1. i remember seeing this, i was 8 at the time….i didn't think ipads were real so i thought it was funny…..but then a year later my family got 2 ipads, which we still have to this day.

  2. theyre seriously flawed devices, no flash… email program is sucky and crashes. Apple promised OS upgrades havent fixed the "evil email" crash problem in like 2 years. They dont care… the devices have problems getting Wifi, they wont replace your sif it happens to be one with this fault. If yo bought one in US to take to UK it wont let you get apps. This device should be returned for refund when you find out how boring it is. NO MULTITASKING! NO CAMERA. NO PHONE.

  3. Will, errr… Stop dreaming pl0x.

    All they'll let us do with it is hold and touch to do some basic stuff as on the iPhone…

  4. he's making fun of the people that buy any crap that Apple makes even if there are cheaper , better alternatives on the market.

  5. yeah maybe ipad 4 could come with a cd player, and ore power so it could run photoshop and stuff, imagine that on the go. even load things like COD on to it, to make it really usable they'd then allow you to plug a keyboard in, maybe even a mouse for faster games. i like the webcam idea, i mean how amazing would it be if you could chat to people with a device on your lap! and if it has USB then you can attach a hard drive, a printer or scanner, even sync your ipod to it!

  6. I doubt he truly wants one. He's just making fun of how a small amount of people fiend over anything that Apple throws their way.

  7. he is talking about the weather , then he uses an ipad to download Jay Z's new song and asks his daughter if that's cool.

  8. …wait I forgot…You can bet there isn't any better device for browsing internet…ha….in your face xD

  9. iPad's not a computer. It ain't got desktop operating system, so it doesn't need usb. And about capability. for ex. there are the most capable applications for iPhone than other smartphones. Yes, if you need some good organizing apps or games, you should buy an iPhone. Maybe other cheaper devices has more features, but aren't so capable.

  10. wanna bet ipad2 will come with java and flash ? and ipad 3 will have a webcam and USB. it's the usual Apple marketing trick. they can do what they want because fanboys will buy their products even if they don't need them.

    but there are better, cheaper and more capable alternatives for the rest of the people who don't care about trendy things and want something that is more usable in real life situations.

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