Hands-on with Stadia for Android TV!

Now might be the time to retire the Chromecast Ultra…

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26 bình luận cho “Hands-on with Stadia for Android TV!

  1. Stadia on google tv is the best decision they made now we will see more players on this platform. Those players are the casual gamers who wants to play AAA games without buying a gaming pc, xbox and playstation. We just want a capable games and play games instantly we are not competitive gamers we just love to enjoy playing games

  2. I recently upgraded from the CCU to CCWGT and it's such an amazing upgrade I've have no issues gaming whatsoever. The games looks and plays better which I didn't think it could get any better than the CCU, the fact that i can voice active stadia with my chromecast remote is awesome or tell google assistant to boot up division 2 is also a plus. Definitely worth the upgrade 4k60 gaming at value i love it, can't wait to see what's next for Stadia. Long live Stadia!

  3. just tried stadia again, because of this video. My previous experience, awhile ago, on a 4K Chromecast was not desirable at all.. I played "Breakpoint" ON my android TV (Sony Bravia) of a last years model. With HDR settings, and it was slightly lagging but playable. Not as smooth as it would be on my PC. I am now more excited that we are that much closer to seeing gaming on a whole new level of awesome!!! Imagine having a TV only, that can do anything a console, PC, can do for entertainment. I like most stream movies and tv style content.. now game streaming that is efficient enough to just hit the power button on the controller that is hooked up to your tv to instantly get into a game. maybe I am a little to excited?

  4. Stating that the app is "overdue by 18 months" is downright wrong. The CC ultra has been necessary to play Stadia on your TV right from the time of launch (at a third of the price of a PS4 at the time of launch btw). Now, anyone with a TV and a Chromecast-w-Google-TV or a compatible smart TV can access Stadia with a third-party controller. I choose to see it more as an added bonus instead of a necessity 18 months in the making…

  5. Not being able to control the Android TV UI with the controller is the most frustrating thing for me atm. Having to use 2 remotes is really annoying

  6. Managed to play with my Nvidia controller via Bluetooth on my Nvidia Shield TV. However my Stadia controller strangely wouldn't work on Resident Evil Village but would work for Cyberpunk 2077?

  7. well i know eventually they will have it on the android TV . anyway lucky me i dont have to purchase the chromecast ultra few month back. since they gave me free with stadia purchase few month back .

  8. I had side-loaded Stadia on one of my ShieldTVs, at the time the native controller didn’t work and had to buy a PlayStation controller.

    I did have the same issue with the Stadia Store and had to use a browser??? Play wise I didn’t have issues and games played well. I’ll have to install the latest supported version.

  9. And you still need a strong connection or trust me the hype will ware off quickly. After chrome cast ultra, two controllers, subscription fee's and now Google tv…. why didn't i just get a new xbox.

  10. On my Sony android TV it lags constantly, 50mb/s but don't matter if in LAN oder WLAN. Think that might be an Encoding problem.

  11. Google Stadia have completely missed the boat. It’s a shame as I was excited when it was announced but I suspect it will go into the Google graveyard of cancelled products / services.

  12. Tried it on my Sony AG8, not officially supported to be fair but it was a pretty awful experience. Felt like it was only displaying half the frames causing large stutter. Hopefully some fixes come as it would be pretty cool!

  13. You CAN use the assistant on the remote to say "play Destiny 2 on Stadia" on GTV home page and it'll take you right into game on Stadia.

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