Hands-on: iPad mini review – my go-to device for reading and note-taking

A long-term review of the iPad mini 6 after using it for the last month and a half.
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0:00 Introduction
1:32 The obvious things
3:52 An excellent electronic reader
4:54 Writing, note-taking, and artistry
6:27 USB-C flexibility
7:43 Camera & Video
10:00 Everything else
12:00 Conclusion

I’ve been using the iPad mini daily for the last month and a half. Although it’s not perfect, it’s hands-down my favorite way to read and take notes. It’s also a competent Apple Arcade machine. Downsides are the lack of storage options, no Face ID, and by far the biggest downside, no ProMotion support. Watch my hands-on unboxing and review for the details.

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17 bình luận cho “Hands-on: iPad mini review – my go-to device for reading and note-taking

  1. I'm watching this in HDR 10 on my VIZIO E60 E3 connected to an M1 Mac Mini (Base). The VIZIO will be replaced this Saturday with the LG C1 OLED TV. I can't wait to switch from LED to OLED! I think your HDR videos look amazing now. I can't imagine how much more amazing they will look on my new TV. My only device with an OLED display right now is my OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue . Love your videos, and look forward to more. Cheers from Erie, PA!✌🏼🧔🏻👍🏼

  2. I absolutely LOVE the size of this iPad. It’s absolutely perfect for gaming, reading, and watching TV. Unfortunately, I absolutely CANNOT go back to anything below MiniLED or 120fps. This forced me to buy the largest iPad Pro. My problem with Apple is by the time they come out with this for the iPad Mini, there will be features in the iPad Pro that I’ll be more interested in. I wish all devices got updates at around the same time, or at least within the same year.

  3. Great point of view. Here’s a question I have been toying with? Is buying the IPad Pro (M1) with the pencil equivalent to buying the MacBook M1? I know the use cases are completely different… but I’m looking to have an additional device to handle notes and communications (zoom/teams calls) while work is being completed on very capable Dell XPS. Am missing out by not buying the MacBook if I go the IPad direction?

  4. Technically the screen is larger, but functionally it's actually a bit smaller because it is taller (which doesn't help anything) but it is narrower (which cramps everything a little bit). It also no longer has stereo speakers (unless you turn it to landscape). It no longer has a headphone jack. And it's $100 more expensive.

  5. I’ve been using the iPad Pro 10.5” for 3 years now, and I love it, but I wanted something a little more up to date with the design changes Apple has made in the iPad over the last few years. As soon as I saw this little guy at the September event I knew I wanted it, especially in purple. I do recognize that it’s a bit excessive but I really do think if you can afford it, 2 iPads are the way to go 😂 I use my larger one when I don’t care abooy weight and size and for digital art, and my mini got everything else, especially in bed. They’re quite a pair~ 😌

  6. If you're watching on a Mac, there are known issues with HDR right now causing crashes, so things might look weird. Hopefully Apple can resolve this soon via a macOS update.

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