Dynalink Android TV Box Review (4K HDR Android TV 10 Box)

Cheap 4K Android TV Box, Dynalink Review. An Android TV 10 box with 4K support, HDR, Widevine level 1 cert for Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video in 4k. Black Friday discount:
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  1. These are dirt cheap…, but Microsoft somehow thinks they can sell you one for $219 to test Windows on ARM. (ECS Liva Mini Box QC710 Desktop)

  2. Hi,
    like you Channel!
    Very good Informations.
    Could Test TV Box X96+2 max?
    Would like to buy one 4gb RAM 64gbRom.

  3. strange that my comment from yesterday doesn't show up. Simple use an USB-OTG cable that gives you power and a 2nd USB port to add other devices. I've added this to my FTV Stick 4K and an USB hub with 1GBit Ethernet and 3 USB ports . So this is simple to solve

  4. Why get this box over the Google TV with Chromecast? Both have Android 10 with 8GB of storage. But Google TV has Dolby Vision

  5. Walmart has the Dynalink for $29.99 and the ONN version is $19.88 which has a better looking remote.
    Also Chromecast with Google TV is on sale for $39.00 currently and probably the best long term choice.

  6. Currently google Chromecast with Google TV is on sale for $39.99
    It is a better buy at least for software updates and compatibility of nothing else… And you can add a usb-c hub for external storage/Ethernet/usb ports

  7. I bought this at Walmart in the US in Dec 2021 for 30 USD when it was first introduced. It has been rebranded since to Onn, Walmart's house brand. It is based on Google ADT-3 reference design. And like Chris showed, supports Netflix and Prime. The remote is both bluetooth and IR and works very well when Bluetooth is connected. One time I accidentally unpaired the remite bluetooth and realized the IR view angle is very narrow. You have to point the remote right at the pug for it to work. I have the original NVidia Shield TV since 2015 and was going to get the 2019 version for my second living room. This thing does the media part fine for a low price. It is quite smooth, of course not at the Shield TV level. I use Kodi and VLC to access movies on my server. So lacking a USB port is not a problem for me. Chromecast video works well on it too. It has Android 10 and security patch is July 2021 as of now.

  8. How long do you use these devices before putting out a review? Or do you just get them in and review them?

  9. A version of this box is sold in the US by WalMart as part of their in-house onn brand. It uses the Google TV OS. I have one in my office and it works just fine. For the amount of money, it works great. FYI, the onn box supports a USB OTG splitter which gives you a USB port. I can attach a thumb drive or portable drive and access media from it on Google TV. That makes it very handy.

  10. For $10 more you can get Xiaomi Mi Box S which has USB port, support all the features which Dynalink supports
    The bigger issue, IMHO, is that these companies (and I include Xiaomi) don't really think about releasing an expanded version of these devices: Release the same box with 4GB of RAM, 2 USB ports, micro SD and 16 GB Storage for $80 – and I'm willing to buy 2 right now!

  11. That little box is sold in Asia under various brands of Axiata networks (Telecom Malaysia) to access their IPTV services, in the countries they operate. As you may understand, there are various commercial reasons for excluding a full-sized USB port.
    Also, this particular box is often heavily discounted to push Axiata's IPTV service which comes pre-loaded in them. Last February, I found it being sold in Dhaka for US$15 – undercutting even the cheapest Android boxes.

  12. Having the opportunity to buy right now Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4K Max for 34.99 USD I don't see any reason to justify the purchase of the reviewed model, as Fire TV is far superior in all aspects

  13. Looks decent, so annoying these android boxes don't support all UK TV catch-up services, renders them essentially useless for most people here, means firestick the only option really if you need them.

  14. Thanks for the video Chris with this box having a micro USB port you maybe able to connect a USB hub, Ethernet and wireless keyboards via an otg cable like you can with the fire tv devices.

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