Are Budget iPad mini 6 Cases Worth It?

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0:00 Introduction
0:26 Magnetic Rebound Case
1:19 Ascend Trifold Case
2:05 Rebound Hybrid Case
2:35 Urban Folio Case
3:28 Surprise Ending!

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12 bình luận cho “Are Budget iPad mini 6 Cases Worth It?

  1. #ipadmini6 still rocking a 6th gen iPad! Wish I could upgrade, but for now this will do fine. Hope you're doing well!

  2. Unfortunately you didn't test the strength of the magnetic whether with some jerks the iPad mini will drop or not. Another thing is holding posture when the flap gets rolled back, if it is comfortable…

  3. #iPadMini6

    I’m currently rocking the iPad Air 4. I don’t tend to use it too much for intense productivity. It’s more light productivity and media consumption. I got a really good deal through Best Buy’s open box so I plan to keep it for several years. I don’t think I can use all 256gb anytime soon.

  4. Currently rocking the iPad Pro 2020 11”, but I have an iPad mini 6 in wrapping paper just waiting to be opened on December 25th. 🎄 Can. Not. Wait.

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