2020 NEW iPad Pro Gen 4 UNBOXING + Accessories!

Hi all, this is my first youtube video and I’m unboxing the latest iPad Pro 2020 Gen 4.
Hope you enjoy!

xo, Kai Li.

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🌷 Items inside the video
iPad Pro gen 4 2020, 11 Inch, 256GB, Space Grey
+ Wifi and Cellular:

Apple Pencil gen 2:

iPad Pro Smart Folio (Pink Sand):

Logitech K380 Rose Keyboard:

Logitech Pebble M350:

All items are not sponsored.

🌷 Music Credit
Lofi Type Beat – Baby It’s just me and you


35 bình luận cho “2020 NEW iPad Pro Gen 4 UNBOXING + Accessories!

  1. I just wanna thank you guys for supporting my first ever YouTube video!! 💕💕 also, I noticed there were a lot of comments stating that the music is too loud, I’ll make sure to lower down the volume next time! Big thanks for your feedbacks! xo, Kai Li 🥰

  2. Just a tip with your voice over:

    – Make sure the volume of the music and voiceover is even, don't want to throw off your viewers!

    Hope it helped 😊

  3. Buy this aesthetic keyboard here📍.
    Cute Nd realiable.🌼

    The keyboard is available in 5 different color combinations. Don't miss on them.

  4. So I am turning 16 on June 19th and my PARENTS BOUGHT ME A IPAD PRO 2020!!! I need accessories so pliz tell me what type?

  5. Lol the music and my dog snoring like a manic made it so I had no idea what you were saying 😂

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