15 Android TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS – you should try!!!

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I hope you enjoyed these various Android TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS, you guys should definitely try them out, because they make life so much easier!

Tips, Tricks and Hacks
1 – Copy split screen text
2 – Offline maps
3 – Tripple tap zoom
4 – Google lens quick contact
5 – Double tap for timer
6 – Long press, quick access
7 – Stop ring gestures
8 – Shortcuts to anything
9 – Double tap recents to toggle
10 – Text shortcuts
11 – Visual Elements
12 – Find my device
13 – Timed do not disturb
14 – Quick link sharing
15 – Chrome split windows


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  1. HEEEEY GUYS 👋🏻😃 I really hope you enjoy this video. Some of these tricks, tips and hacks my differ from device to device. But always try searching your settings section or it could just be labeled slightly differently. Either way a lot of these should work for my Android Fam 💖 Mad Love for you guys and Sub for more 🤗!!!

  2. 5:05

    you don't need to double tap you can do it slowly you know that write? but props I didn't know some of them!

  3. I know all of it but didn't know the first one. Glad you put it first. Then again, I have always use NOTE devices so the pen pretty much do it easier. Thanks for sharing. There's so much more; too many on android to show in one video.

  4. I don't have an android phone I have the iPhone 12pro max & I have no vid 🙃 😅 why I'm watching this haha 😂 🤣

  5. first game three times and it didn't work so I tried on the accident work not.. so this is this is editing

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