40 bình luận cho “ iPad Pro 2021 unboxing (12.9 M1 chip) + Magic keyboard + Apple Pencil + HUGE HAUL ACCESSORIES

  1. Well, I think I'm getting my iPad next month.. or January, maybe after exams, maybe in bday… Idrk but yeah I'm searching for accessories which are cheap, So may you please kindly suggest me some?

  2. Loved the mechanical keyboard!!! It looks so cute!! I just received my iPad Pro, but im still waiting on some accessories before unv=boxing it for my youtube channel! Can't wait to open mine!! ☕️⭐️🧸

  3. 8:08. The Keyboard so SUPER satisfying. I am going to get one for my birthday and I am just really excited!!!! (November 16 is my birthday btw)

  4. Yo why the hell did you get cases if you bought the magic keyboard. If you don’t use the magic keyboard then why did you bought it, you could have used all of that money on other things. What a waste of money. If you didn’t bought the unnecessary things then this would have been the best video to chill and relax because of satisfaction while peeling the wraps.

  5. hey, I wonder if the elago pencil sleeve fits in the esr ipad case. Like can you fold your ipad with such a thick sleeve ? I want to buy the same accessories ….

  6. it makes me smile when i see the apple logo

    me:it makes me cry when i see the apple logo(i live in a country that doesent really have apple as a top priority which makes everything really expensive as we use rands so ye)

  7. Best unboxing video EVER!!!! I can’t believe how pleasing it was to watch, and I actually didn’t skip anything, I watched it all the way to the end! When I say that is so not like me, I have a very short attention span LOL but you’re video is so pretty, not talking my head off, and I literally want to buy everything now. Seriously needs to be an ad for Apple 🤩😂 new subscriber here 💞

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  9. Elago pencil will charge if you put the magnetic side of the pencil to the magnetic side of the elago pencil sleeve. I thought mine doesn’t work too.

  10. Tbh I love your video so much<3 it's almost been 3 times rn and I can't keep watching it 😭 I LOVE APPLE PRODUCTS SO MUCH AND I HAVE A DREAM TO BUY THE IPAD+ MAGIC KEYBOARD AND APPLE PENCIL ❤️ HOPE I GET IT SOON<3

  11. people really asking for ipads in the chat- bro she spent 1000+$ do you think shes a million air or something 0-0

  12. Hello, just wanted to tell you that it could actually charge with the case but make sure that you place the side, that says (magnetic) on the sleeve, on the side that charges from the pencil☺️

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